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How Much Car Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

When looking for auto insurance, consider the following three questions with the help of your agent:

1. How high should the auto liability coverage limits be on my car insurance?

No one can predict exactly how much you would have to pay if you were to cause an accident.

Ask yourself how you would pay for any damages exceeding your coverage limits.

The higher your liability coverage limits are, the more likely your auto insurance policy will be able to pay all of the damages.

2. How high or low should my collision auto insurance and comprehensive deductibles be?

Higher deductibles lower your premium but increase the amount you must pay out of your own pocket if a loss occurs.

Ask yourself how much you would be willing and able to pay on short notice in order to save on your premium.

3. Should my auto insurance include collision and comprehensive coverage?

You may be required to carry collision or comprehensive coverage if your vehicle is leased or financed.

Once you have paid off your car, and its value decreases, you might consider dropping these coverages to save money on your auto insurance.

Consider, though, whether the savings would be enough to offset the risk of having to pay the entire cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle.

What Affects Car Insurance Price?

Most people are looking for a low car insurance price.† In many cases, itís the choices you make about the coverage you want that determine the cost of your car insurance premium.

Auto Insurance Premiums

Companies look at the following factors to determine your car insurance premium:

What you buy

  • How many coverages you buy
  • The deductibles

Find out more about types of auto insurance coverage.

What kind of car you drive

If you are buying or selling a car, you will need to re-evaluate your auto insurance needs.

Generally, the more expensive the car, the higher the auto insurance price.

Where you drive

Generally, due to higher rates of vandalism, theft, and accidents, urban drivers pay a higher auto insurance price than those in small towns or rural areas.

How much you drive

People who use their car for business and long-distance commuting normally pay a higher car insurance premium than those who drive less.

Your age, sex and marital status

Accident rates are higher for all drivers under age 25, especially young males and single males. Car insurance prices in most states reflect these differences.

Your driving record

Drivers who cause accidents generally must pay higher car insurance premiums than those who are accident-free for several years.

Your credit history

Studies have shown that credit history is a powerful predictor of future auto insurance losses. Many insurance companies consider certain credit characteristics in addition to many other factors when determining an individual's car insurance premium.

What can I do to save money on my auto insurance premium?

If you're shopping for a car, consider how your choice will affect car insurance premiums.

Some insurers increase premiums for cars more susceptible to damage or occupant injury, and lower rates for those that fare better than the norm.

Ask about auto insurance discounts for good students, insuring more than one vehicle, accident-free driving, and others.

Consider joining a car or van pool, or finding other transportation to work. If you reduce your driving mileage enough, you may lower your car insurance price.

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